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oakland workerS fund



Oakland Workers Fund is supported

by Moments Cooperative + Community Space, LLC,

currently fiscally sponsored by SOMArts (a 501c3) in San Francisco, CA .

Tax-deductible donations can be allocated to Oakland Workers Fund by donating to

Moments Cooperative + Community Space through their online-giving form, linked below.

Please denote on the giving form that your donation is intended for Oakland Workers Fund.

If you do not need to make a tax-deductible donation, you can donate directly to

Oakland Workers Fund Venmo+Paypal, which means we are able to use

100% of your donation towards supporting applicants in need ! 

We thank you for your support!!!!

through our granting partner

via our Venmo or Paypal

Who is Oakland Worker Fund?

Oakland Workers Fund is a mutual aid organization run by a small group of QTBIPOC young people who worked as food service workers in Oakland (Lisjan Ohlone land). Oakland Workers Fund was created in March 2020 out of an extreme urgency for mutual aid support for our community as the pandemic and shelter-in-place changed our lives and left many workers with no support or resources.

We specifically focus on supporting those most disproportionately affected by the pandemic: Black, Indigenous, brown, people of color, unhoused, undocumented, queer + trans, disabled, poor, elderly folks and single parents / families with many dependents, specifically those unable to receive government aid.

Since March 2020, have redistributed over $190,000 and counting. We have supported hundreds of unemployed, underemployed, underserved and displaced food service workers who are unable to receive help from the government. We provide assistance with other applications, food/ housing/testing resources, translation services and more for hundreds of community members.

We dream of continuing this crucial work well beyond the pandemic.

Who is Moments Cooperative

and Community Space?

Moments Co-op is a community center based in Downtown Oakland and was founded to support the creative and material needs of Black, Indigenous, People of Color on Occupied Lisjan Ohlone Land (Oakland) by providing physical and virtual space for community care, collaboration, and education. Moments Cooperative and Community Space is an LLC and fiscally sponsored by SOMArts.

Donations made to Moments Co-op with the direction to allocate those funds to Oakland Workers Fund will be granted accordingly.

Who is SOMArts?

SOMArts is an arts and culture

501(c3) non-profit organization

located in San Francisco, CA.

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