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A Grassroots Mutual Aid Organization
Created By QTBIPOC Workers
To Support, Uplift, Aid, Protect & Empower
Unemployed & Displaced Oakland Food Service Workers
During The COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond


Oakland Workers Fund is a grassroots mutual aid organization led by QTBIPOC volunteer organizers in Oakland [Lisjan Ohlone Land] who were food service workers laid off from their jobs when the pandemic began.


Oakland Workers Fund was created in March 2020 as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the experience of low wage workers and marginalized peoples being violently failed by the government and capitalism itself. 

It is our mission to support, uplift, aid, protect &  empower fellow Oakland food service workers, their families and our original Oakland Black, Brown and Indigenous community at large during the pandemic and beyond. 

We represent hourly service workers including bussers, hosts, cashiers, dishwashers, line cooks, servers, prep cooks, and more.

Oakland Workers Fund specifically focuses on supporting those most disproportionately affected by the pandemic: Black, Brown, Indigenous, people of color, unhoused, undocumented, queer + trans, disabled, poor, elderly folks + single parents, families with many dependents and specifically those unable to receive government aid. 

Oakland Workers Fund directly redistributes donations to food service workers who are in urgent and emergency need of financial relief. Oakland Workers Fund also works closely with our hundreds of applicants and continued support recipients, connecting community to multiple resources including housing and labor rights advocacy, access to COVID testing and vaccines, free and accessible healthcare services, free groceries, free translation services, additional relief funds and more. 

Oakland Workers Fund was created with the vision of not only building a mutual aid fund to directly redistribute wealth into vital support funds for those most in need, but also to be a virtual community space and beacon of support, helping make the idea and action of organizing + supporting community extremely accessible and deeply rooted in honoring the historical legacy of Black, Indigenous and Brown mutual aid in our original community and culture here in Oakland, CA. 

Since our inception in March 2020, we have raised and redistributed over $200,000 and counting to hundreds of unemployed food service workers and we plan to continue supporting our community in this way and beyond, into the future. 


The pandemic is still raging on in 2022 and it has proven to be catastrophic and devastating for frontline service workers in so many ways. We must continue to provide support and relief for our community! 


Solidarity with all workers!!!


If you are a low-income and/or minimum wage food service worker living and/or working in Oakland that has lost their job, experienced significantly reduced hours, has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, or were working in food service when the pandemic first began, but were laid off due to the pandemic, please apply!


If you have not lost your job due to the pandemic, are able to work from home, have a salary, savings, are not born/raised in Oakland but have settled here, are white, are from generational wealth or privilege, or are in a position to make even a small donation, your support will make a difference to workers by providing them the monetary means to pay their bills, rent, buy groceries, cover medical costs and more.

Please donate to our applicant fund today! CLICK HERE

If you are in a position to do so and would like to also support our work by donating to our organization, please donate here! Your support provides us with the ability to continue this vital work and to continue supporting our community! Please donate to our organization today! CLICK HERE

Thank you for all your support!

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